Green Bank Observatory Chautauqua Programs

"Radio Astronomy Update" features hands-on projects using the 40 Foot Telescope (above) and the 20 Meter Telescope (below).

Ron Maddalena, GBO staff Scientist


Radio Astronomy Update  begins on  the Green Bank Observatory site with a reception in the historic Drake Lounge on the eve before our first full day.  Then we go for it  for two  and a half big days with a full schedule of talks  on cutting edge research from staff scientists, tours  and projects for you to pursue. The final day is a 1/2 day where you take the stage with your team to share the research you have done with our telescopes!


While schedules will change as we get closer to the date, below is a typical schedule for the course "Radio Astronomy Update". This will give you a sense for how the days will flow.